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The Pentagon has commented on the Iraq file WikiLeaks

the Pentagon officially has commented published WikiLeaks on documents on war in Iraq, having denied messages on understating of number of victims among civilians during war, and also about concealment of the facts of tortures, transfers Reuters.
According to the chief of a staff of army of the USA of general George Kejsi supervising armies in Iraq in 2004 - 2007ãã., the Iraq files Wikileaks about concealment of the data about  destruction of local population and application of tortures do not represent the facts. According to J. Casey, military representatives visited the Iraq mortuaries for the account of victims. “ but I will not remember any case of distortion of the information on  destruction of civilians “ - the general has told.
in turn the official representative of the Pentagon colonel Dejv Lapan has declared that the American military men never conducted the exact account of number of death among civilians. He has underlined that the similar data always arrived from the independent organisations, in this connection data from these sources “ considerably raznilis “. “ Now, after years to count up exact quantity of death proceeding from the data presented by these organisations, it is not obviously possible “ - D.Lapan has told.
one of these days the International human rights organisation Human Rights Watch has addressed to the government of Iraq with an appeal to investigate cases of tortures and cruel treatment of employees of the Iraq safety force of arrested persons to which the documents published WikiLeaks testify. Legal experts also have urged Washington to find out, whether the American military men broke the international laws, transferring arrested persons to the Iraq safety force. “ it is obvious that US authorities knew about regular abusings from the Iraq armies concerning prisoners, but have transferred them thousand prisoners “ - adviser Human Rights Watch for the Near East Joe Stork has told.
we Will remind, last week infamous site WikiLeaks which specialises on information leakages, has published an order of 392 thousand documents on war in Iraq. In documents it is said that during the period since January 2004ã. On December, 31st 2009ã. In Iraq than half from them - civilians were lost not less than 109 thousand persons, more. These figures considerably exceed the data of official statistics. Also as documents affirmed that the American military command has let out the confidential order not to investigate the facts of tortures which were applied by the Iraq policemen in territories under control to Americans.