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In Moscow remember the lost hostages “ the North - Osta “

Today the eighth anniversary from the date of storm of the Theatrical centre grasped by terrorists on Dubrovke.
Today in Moscow will pass actions of memory of victims of one of the most terrible acts of terrorism in the history of Russia. Requiem on the lost hostages, actors and spectators of a musical “ the North - Ost “ will pass on the area before the Theatrical centre on Dubrovke from 10:00 till.
Russians are assured that the authorities hide truth about act of terrorism on Dubrovke, the data of sociological poll testifies to it, provedenogo on the threshold of an anniversary of act of terrorism “ Levada - the centre “. Only 9 % interrogated are assured that the authorities tell truth about events in the theatrical centre. 34 % interrogated are assured that the bad organisation of evacuation and rescue of the people who have suffered from action of gas became a cause of death of hostages at storm, 30 % of Russians accuse of  destruction of hostages nonprofessionally performed operation on clearing. That in similar cases it is impossible to avoid victims, 27 % of Russians are assured.
we will remind, on October, 23rd 2002γ. The bandit group led by Movsarom Baraevym has grasped a building of the theatrical centre. To that moment in a concert hall there was a popular musical “ the North - Ost “. Throughout two days gangsters kept 923 persons in hostages, threatening to blow up a building.
after unsuccessful negotiations of special service have made the decision on storm. As a result of fast attack 40 terrorists, including smertnitsy with " have been destroyed all; shahid`s belts “. However it was not possible to avoid victims: act of terrorism has carried away lives of 130 persons. They have poisoned with gas which should be applied to neutralisation of gangsters.
After storm of the theatrical centre vzryvotehniki have found out in a building of 30 explosives, 16 pomegranates F - 1 and 89 self-made manual pomegranates. The general trotyl equivalent of an explosive made an order 110 - 120 kg.