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The octopus - foreteller Paul

the Well-known octopus - the oracle who has predicted an outcome of all six matches with participation by a German national team during the World championship on football in the republic of South Africa, and also a victory in the ending of a team of Spain has died, has died.
the octopus has died on the night of Tuesday, transfers Bi - bi - si referring to representatives of an oceanarium. The cause of death is not called.
we will remind, for reception of forecasts on an outcome of games of the championship in an aquarium with an octopus placed a feeding trough with a flag of Germany and its opponent in a forthcoming duel in the field. Was considered that the winner will be that command, the octopus will open whose feeding trough with the first.
earlier defenders of the rights of animals suggested to liberate Paulja, however the oceanarium administration has declared that the octopus cannot extract to itself food in habitat.
Imja Paul has been borrowed from a poem for children Der Tintenfisch Paul Oktopus of the German poet and the writer of Fight of Lornsena. Paul became an original brand. It was planned that by Christmas on sale toy copies of Paulja will arrive, also about an octopus were going to write the book.
it is already known that employees of an oceanarium will organise a memorial in honour of Paulja. The memorial will represent the screen on which the most beautiful and disturbing moments from life of an octopus will be shown.