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To octopus of Paulju already have found the successor - the oracle

the Place of an octopus - seer Paulja, pochivshego on the night of October, 26th in oceanarium Sea life a German city of Oberhausen, its successor, also Paul will occupy.
Employees of an oceanarium have declared that they already have a candidate who takes place a course the foreteller - learns to choose between two feeding troughs with meal. On it informs German agency The local.
we Will remind, the octopus of Paul became the most well-known foreteller of last years. His career has begun in 2008., when he has truly guessed 80 % of outcomes of matches of German national team in the European championship on football. Subsequently the octopus has got a world fame, and to it addressed on the eve of all matches of German national team in the World championship on football in Southern Africa. Germany, having left tournament, has been replaced by Spain, which sea inhabitant has foretold a victory in the championship, as has come true. The octopus chose one of two feeding troughs with meal under different flags, thus taking out the decision on a match outcome.
the octopus upon termination of the championship became the original hero: in one of the Spanish cities to it have appropriated a rank of the honourable inhabitant, it had own page in Facebook, bookmakers of the whole world tried to redeem an octopus for a prediction of an outcome of own matches. However the glory has resulted and to occurrence of enemies - the aquarium of an octopus had also a personal bodyguard. The former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov even has devoted to the sea inhabitant one of the stories.