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Bookmakers suggest to redeem ashes of an octopus of Paulja

the Spanish bookmakers have suggested oceanarium Sea Life to redeem ashes of an octopus of Paulja which have died on the night of October, 26th in German Oberhausen. This summer the octopus has predicted a Spanish national team victory in the World championship on the football, passing in the republic of South Africa.
we will remind, the octopus of Paul has precisely predicted outcomes of all matches of German national team during tournament and has truly guessed the winner of final game, having chosen a feeding trough with a flag of Spain instead of the Netherlands.
upon termination of the championship the octopus became the national hero in Spain, and also the honourable inhabitant one of cities.
the octopus has died on the third year of life. Under statements of representatives of an oceanarium, he has died of an old age. Now under the decision of the director of park of an octopus it decided to bury in a special tomb, to erect a memorable memorial and to establish the monitor which will broadcast the most fascinating moments from life of Paulja. On all offers to redeem a mollusc which oceanarium administrations arrived, the director refused, though it was a question of the fabulous sums reaching several hundreds thousand of euro.