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At the airports of Moscow can forbid noisy planes

the Rosaviation has directed to Ministry of Transport the offer to limit flights in the Moscow airports noisy planes. The representative of Rosaviation has informed on it.
the federal agency of air transport (Rosaviation) has directed to the Ministry of transport the offer on introduction of restriction on flights in a zone of the Moscow aviation knot of planes, whose noise characteristics do not correspond to International Civil Aviation Organization standards (IKAO).
It is a question of such types of aircrafts as They be 134, That is 154, That is 154, Silt - 86.
the Interlocutor of agency also has specified that the decision on restriction of flights noisy planes it is already accepted concerning airport Vnukovo as in Rosaviation many references in connection with noise of planes from inhabitants of nearby houses arrived.
Thus, as he said, at the airport the absolute prohibition on flights of planes They will be entered be 134, That is 154 and Silt - 86, in the relation That is 154 restrictions on night flights will be entered. The representative of Rosaviation also has noticed that the given restrictions should not to affect service of passengers, as the companies gradually deduce such liners, updating park.
as the Rosaviation, in 2011 earlier informed. Airport Vnukovo can be closed for reconstruction take-off - a landing strip (VPP). VPP at the airport are crossed, and during reconstruction krestoviny the suspension of activity of the airport is possible.