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Trade unions of France will answer the Senate with new national strikes

the French trade unions will hold meetings on October, 28th against the pension law accepted by the Senate initiated by president Nicolas Sarkozy and the minister of work by Eric Vertom. The following strike is planned for November, 6th. On it informs Associated Press.
trade unions intend to deduce on streets not less than 2 million persons.
we will remind, today the Senate of France has approved final edition of the pension law assuming increase of age of a retirement till 62 years. 177 senators have acted for the initiative of the head of the state against 151 dissatisfied with reform.
within two last weeks citizens of France have declared boycott to the authorities. Kommunalshchiki refused to take out garbage from streets of cities, 12 oil refining factory have stopped work - and it was necessary to unblock them forces of policemen. In street collisions two Frenchmen have got gunshot wound, and also in Paris cases of pogroms of shops have become frequent. France till this time was the country with the lowest age threshold of a retirement: in next Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany the pension age is established at level of 65 years.