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Passed by the senate of France the pension law will be checked up on constitutionality

Approved by the senate of France by the pension law of president Nicolas Sarkozy and the minister of work Eric Verta examination of the Constitutional court of the country waits. On it informs Associated Press.
in spite of the fact that the senate has accepted final edition of the bill, on Wednesday its repeated consideration by the parliament lower chamber - National meeting will take place. In case of approval the law will be transferred this very day for examination in the Constitutional court of the country.
thus, promulgation of the law by the head of the state at the best will take place on November, 15th. Meanwhile trade unions do not lose hope to cancel N.Sarkozi`s initiative. Associations of workers plan to organise protest actions on October, 28th and on November, 6th, however the French mass-media mark decrease in popularity of protest actions - ever less people take part in meetings.
opposition with the authorities proceeds two weeks. The trade union kommunalshchikov refused to take out garbage from streets of cities, 12 oil refining factory have declared boycott and have curtailed work. The police had to take storm factories with fuel to stabilise giving of power resources. However, according to the authorities, about 25 % of gaz stations on - former do not work from - for absence of giving of gasoline.