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SK the Russian Federation: D.Demushkin actually supervised over the fascist organisation

Oppositionist Dmitry Demushkin was the head of association Slavic force which propagandised ideology natsional - a socialism, similar to ideology of fascist Germany. On it have informed in management of interaction from mass-media of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation.
upon creation of the given organisation still on May, 3rd 2011. Criminal case on p.1 item 282 has been brought. 2 Criminal codes of the Russian Federation (the organisation of activity of the extremist organisation). On versions of the investigation, activity of public association the Slavic union despite its recognition when due hereunder the extremist organisation, till now actually it is not stopped.
opposite, with a view of avoidance of a criminal liability association has been renamed and began to be called Slavic force . The actual leader of the given organisation is, according to the investigation, D. Demushkin.
the organisation purposes - distribution of the ideas propagandising ideology natsional - a socialism, similar to ideology of fascist Germany, realisation of the extremist activity creating real threat of a tresspass of the person and a public order - have underlined in SK the Russian Federation.
we will remind, earlier concerning 32 - the summer inhabitant of capital D. Demushkina criminal case under the item " has been brought; and ch. 2 items 282 (hatred or enmity excitation) and ch. 3 items 212 (appeals to mass riots and to violence over citizens) the criminal code of Russian Federation.
under the version of the investigation, on October, 17th 2011. D.Demushkin in interview to one of news agencies stated ideas about a recognition of the superiority of Russian nation over others, called for disorders and stated threats of application of violence concerning persons who will interfere with an establishment of ideology of the Russian superiority.
also D. Demushkin declared that if authorities of the capital do not authorise carrying out Russian march there will be a slaughter, OMON breaks, mass fights . The nationalist has assured that its supporters can deduce on streets of an order of 7 thousand persons which will be ready to fight .
we Will notice that D.Demushkina`s surname periodically got to headline news when the police was going to prevent disorders on national soil in connection with appeals which appeared after pogroms on a Manezhnaya Square on December, 11th 2010.