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To Russians the Citizens of Russia who are abroad have allowed to rise on the consular account through the Internet

, can be registered in the Russian embassies in the simplified order. About it it is told in the order of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs published on August, 17th and published today in to the Russian newspaper .
Statement on the consular account is not obligatory, however the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends to Russians to use such possibility.
the updated order of the account is directed on simultaneous maintenance not only efficiency of gathering of the necessary data, but also the maximum comfort for citizens. It provides statement possibility on the account as at a corporal appearance of the citizen or its lawful representative, and distantsionno - by means of post, a fax communication or through the Internet.
According to the director of consular department the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of Andrey Karlov, in case of occurrence in the foreign state of any emergency situation the data given by citizens on a stay place, let even short-term, about ways of a safety communication with them or their relatives in Russia can have crucial importance.
today that fact what exactly the data of the consular account is used for drawing up of lists of voters being abroad and participants of a referendum " has a special urgency; - the official has underlined.