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The authorities of Thailand: Bangkok can leave under water

Sluices and dams in Bangkok will not cope with a water pressure, inhabitants of Thai capital should prepare for city centre flooding. The prime minister has the day before declared it - the minister of Thailand Jinglak Chinavat, inform Thai mass-media.
the statement the head of the government has made after flooding has completely paralysed work of the airport second for the importance Don Mueang located in the north of Bangkok. As the prime minister - the minister, only harmonious work of rescuers has noted, army and municipal services can minimise consequences of act of nature.
according to J.Chinavat it to appear to the most serious risk under water inhabitants of the areas located along the river Chao Praja, that is 10 % of a city are exposed. Flooding already became a cause of death at least 366 persons.
In the special reference to townsmen the governor of Bangkok Suhumbhand Paribat has informed on October, 26th that for the past days the water level in the river Chao Praja has broken again own record established on morning on October, 25th, and has reached already 2,4 metres above sea level. On Monday water has risen to level in 2,3 metres that on 3 sm above a record 15 - summer prescription.
It is expected that to days off the water level in the river will rise to 2,6 metres that on 10 sm above the dams located in a city and sluices. The mayor believes that as soon as water will overcome concrete obstacles from above, embankments can not sustain, and constructions will collapse.
in all 50 municipal districts of a city the emergency centres of evacuation are created. Experts assume the worst: under forecasts of weather forecasters, prirechnye areas can leave under water on 2 m, 25 % of a city will appear under water on 1 m, other areas will flood on 10 - 12 see
we Will notice that earlier under water Thai provinces, including popular resort area Pattaya have left some. Streets of Pattaya after 15 - an hour rain have turned to the rivers, the ground floors of houses are impounded, under water cars half have left. The transport message in a city is actually paralysed.