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At the bottom of sea of Japan the legendary army tataro is found - Mongols

Japanese archeologists have found out remains of the ship dated XIII century, in coast of a city of Nagasaki in sea of Japan. Scientists assume that they managed to find fragments of one of 4400 ships of legendary fleet tataro - Mongols, informs CNN.
Historians do not doubt that in the near future they will manage to find and other ships of fleet of conquerors. In the near future, using found 12 - metre kil, the intact case and boards, scientific intend to recreate the ship in details.
this opening is of great importance for our research, - has declared in a course a press - conferences the professor of archeology okinavskogo University Rjukju Joshifumi Ikeda. - We plan to expand a zone of search and to find the additional information which can help to restore to us all ship .
the Ship has been found out by means of the special ultrasonic equipment. Besides the ship, at the bottom of the sea ceramic crocks, the bricks used by aggressors as a ballast, gun kernels and stone anchors have been found.
we will remind, in XIII century tataro - Mongols have made an attempt to win Japan. In 1274. They desantirovalis on the Japanese earth, have entered fight at Buni, then have receded, having returned on the ships. However suddenly flown wind swept about 300 ships and 500 boats on a bay, and many boats have gone to a bottom then the rests of a great army have been compelled to return back to Korea.
after seven years one of four faithful dogs CHingizhana - Hubilaj - has headed new armada. More than 4000 courts from 40 thousand Korean, Mongolian and Chinese soldiers hoped to subdue Japan, however on the bank of them the huge bulk shaft waited. The fleet of aggressors has been compelled to search for other place for desantirovanija, however the new storm has sunk about 80 % of the ships. Then there was a well-known word The kamikaze - a divine wind .