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From - for road accident automovement near to a cathedral in Ekaterinburg is blocked

Police of Ekaterinburg strengthens security measures close Piously - the Troitsk cathedral where till October, 27th the belt will be exposed by Presvjatoj of the Virgin. The reason of strengthening of security measures became road accident which has occurred in the morning on October, 26th. On it have informed in a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area.
the woman having the experience of driving of 3 years, on Suzuki Sh foreign car - 4 has made arrival on group of the pilgrims who were standing in a queue in a temple. As a result of incident four persons have suffered, and 1965 year of birth and the pensioner 1941 year of birth hospitalisation was necessary for the woman.
policemen have blocked off traffic along the street Kuibyshev from circus. At each crossroads the traffic controller of traffic police who passes the big groups of the citizens going to a temple is on duty. Police officers are on duty on an input in Piously - the Troitsk cathedral and on an exit from a temple, distributing pilgrims so that there was no crush. Also the security service of a diocese and assistants to clerics is involved. Near to a temple employees PPS are on duty.
At the moment at a temple the turn from 10 thousand persons has gathered. The sacred relic is in Ekaterinburg the third day. In this time 25 thousand persons have touched a relic already. The orthodox relic is usually stored in the Vatopedsky monastery on Athos, but its last week delivered to Russia, and in Petersburg the relic was met personally by the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin who also was put to a belt.