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The Russian daughter-in-law M.Kaddafi has opened secrets of the son of the dictator

the Woman naming with the Russian wife of the son of killed Libyan dictator Muammara Kaddafi of the Safe al - Islam, has told about life of a family of former leader Dzhamahirii. The hope (Nadija) has given to Kaddafi interview to the newspaper the Moscow member of the Komsomol long before M.Kaddafi`s murder, but the edition has published its story just now.
the native of Crimea the Hope has arrived to Moscow to submit capital some years ago. She has had time to work and striptizershej, and public relations - the director in cafe of Russian victualer Arcady Novikova. According to Hope, she has got acquainted with the future husband on July, 1st 2005. On presentation in a boutique trading in expensive watch.
first Nadija at all did not know that meets the son of the Libyan dictator. Their novel developed quickly and roughly. In a week S al - Islam and its bride flied by the private plane to Libya. According to the girl, in the plane all drop in feet With. al - to Islam also were ready to kiss to it boots.
first life of the Hope which have become by wife S al - Islam, was similar to a fairy tale: it carried expensive jewelry in cost of more one million dollars, lived in the most fashionable hotels of Europe, put on at known designers.
however soon after a marriage the relation of the spouse to the Russian wife has changed. They began to quarrel constantly. According to Hope, at S al - Islam in general there were quick-tempered customs. From time to time during sex it started to smother her. The girl explains its aggression an epilepsy which S al - Islam began to suffer after wound in a head, received in the childhood after attempt at his father.
Besides, the husband of the Ukrainian has started to result in the house of mistresses. In private residence S al - Islam also there lived its friends who went on the house in one cowards and had sex with girlfriends directly in the Hope bedroom. S al - Islam arranged with friends sex - orgies, removing an event on the chamber. And they did not shun also prostitutes among whom there were also girls from Ukraine. It is necessary to notice that on one of birthdays of Hope the husband suited to it a supper in an environment of 20 Ukrainian prostitutes, having thought that it will be pleasant to wife to communicate with zemljachkami.
to Relations of Hope and S al - Islam the end 2007 has actually been put in the summer. They have quarrelled, and the woman has departed to Moscow. After that the husband has asked it to meet it in Vienna where has cruelly beaten it at the restaurant rented on all evening. According to Hope, after beating the husband has dumped it with 12 - go a floor, subsequently, when it was found by doctors and have taken to hospital, it has stayed in a clod of 47 days.
at first doctors have thought that the girl will not survive or remains the invalid. Physicians have found out in it displacement of a cervical vertebra, crises of hands and feet. S al - Islam has paid to the wife treatment, and then has departed to Libya. The Hope discharged from hospital has returned to Moscow.
the Girl asserts that last time saw the husband in December 2008. They have met in the Moscow hotel where have agreed that the Hope will arrive to Libya on the next family celebration of a family of M.Kaddafi.
we Will notice that all story of Hope raises the doubts. According to official figures, S al - Islam is single, and in a press was not informed earlier on the Russian wife of the son M.Kaddafi. Now the Hope site is not known.
we Will remind, after M.Kaddafi`s murder on October, 20th 2011. His son has disappeared. According to all available information, it is in the south of Libya and can cross border with Algeria or Niger.