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In Thailand the airport of Bangkok

by the Second for the importance in Thailand the airport of Bangkok Don Mueang located in the north of capital is flooded, quickly leaves under water. Almost all it take-off - landing strips are already flooded, informs TV channel NHK.
Work of the airport which serves basically internal flights, has been suspended the day before, on October, 25th. Now roads before a building Don Mueanga are filled in by water, its level quickly increases, cars cannot approach on the airport any more. In one of terminals until recently have been placed about 4 thousand evacuated of other areas of disaster of Thais, 900 from them today have left airport territory.
flooding in Thailand already became a cause of death at least 366 persons, the country capital is under the threat of flooding: the prime minister - the minister of Thailand Jinglak Chinavat has declared that inhabitants of Bangkok should prepare to that the city centre will leave under water. The water level continues to grow in the river Chao Praja steadily. According to the governor of Bangkok Suhumbhanda Paribata, today, on October, 26th, it has reached a record point in 2,4 metres above sea level. If the water level continues to raise, to days off it will overcome dams and sluices in Bangkok and will destroy obstacles.
earlier under water Thai provinces, including popular resort area Pattaya have left some. Streets of Pattaya after a rain lasting about 15 hours, have turned to the rivers, the ground floors of houses are impounded, under water cars half have left. The transport message in a city is actually paralysed.