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Buses with the Palestinian prisoners go to a place of an exchange for Shalita

Buses with almost 300 Palestinian prisoners go from the Israeli prison Ktsiot to kontrolno - to check point Kerem - Crazy on it is Israeli - the Egyptian border. There prisoners will exchange for Gilada Shalita whom more than five years are in a captivity.
two escorts with the concluded Palestinians on 147 prisoners in everyone go at present from prison Ktsiot to kontrolno - to check point Kerem - Crazy where will be released in a near time - has informed on October, 18th RIA News the representative of police of Israel Alex Kagalsky. Buses accompany the strengthened police squads, managements of prisons and army of defence of Israel. Under the agreement which one week ago Israel has signed HAMAS with the Palestinian movement, on freedom there are in total 1 thousand 27 persons, many of which have been sentenced to lifelong terms for terrorist activity. The first 477 persons amnestied by the president of Israel by Shimonom Peres, will be forwarded to the West Bank of Jordan, to Gaza Strip or are sent abroad on October, 18th - simultaneously with clearing of Gilada Shalita. In two months the second stage of the transaction, predictably, will take place, and on freedom there are the others 550 prisoners.