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KoPITANIJA rented a site in the Perm area

Open Company KoPITANIJA has signed the contract with administration of the Perm municipal area about earth rent in settlement Muljanka. About it has informed a source in area administration. By data rent of 1,3 thousand in hectare of the earth in a year will manage in 30 thousand rbl. for 1 hectare. As have told in regional minselhoze, Open Company KoPITANIJA plans on the rented site the investment project in cost 8 mlrd rbl. At the first stage building svinokompleksa (designed capacity of new manufacture will make 30 thousand tons of meat a year) and kombikormovogo factory is planned. At the second stage - a meat-packing plant. On a complex will get a job 2 thousand persons.

in holding KoPITANIJA enter Novosibirsk (Open Society Kudrjashovsky ), Volgograd (Joint-Stock Company Krasnodon ) and Tver (Joint-Stock Company Zavolzhsky ) Battalions. Is engaged mjasopererabotkoj, poultry farming, plant growing. Develops brands Meat academy Lavla Mjasno . For January, 1st, 2009 the agroholding processed 86,3 thousand in hectare of the earth, the gain has made 7,2 mlrd rbl. Holding is supervised by general director Alexander Rogozhinym, and also the structures close to the owner of group 4 to Michael Abyzovu.

On the rented site in Muljansky settlement in 2007 the owner of the Kungursky meat-packing plant Sergey Kurenev declared ground plans svinokompleksa designed capacity of 22 thousand tons, and also kombikormovogo factory. Cost of such project was estimated in 3 mlrd rbl.