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Gilad Plays pranks comes back to absolutely other Israel

Corporal Gilada Shalita have transferred to representatives of army of defence of Israel. The correspondent FM in Israel Boris Stern has informed details to leader Andrey Norkinu.
- RIA News gave the message referring to television that Gilad Plays pranks already is in territory of Israel, it already from Egypt have transported. So it or not?

- Is not present. In territory of its Israel is not present till now, the picture, anyway says that it so. It still is in the Egyptian territory. With it officers of the Israeli army already work. Apparently, it is literally some minutes there will be this physical transition to border. It will cross border territory between Egypt and Israel on a check point of Kerem Crazy. By the way, by the way, on it a check point it was and is captured. And I now observe a picture: On a check point of Rafah from the Palestinian party there have arrived some the high-ranking members of HAMAS, and also fighting guards of HAMAS. They are going to meet the Palestinian prisoners. That is, now during this moment when all should occur. But I will remind that the Palestinian prisoners will get on territory of Gaza Strip only after Plays pranks will cross border with Israel.

it became clear that will be further. It at once will send on the nearest military base where will conduct the first medical serious researches. Only then it will go on air base Tel - Nof where will meet the parents. Parents already there. There also there will arrive the first persons of Israel: the prime minister - the minister, the Minister of Defence and the chief of the Joint Staff. The chief of the Joint Staff already, by the way, there. It is intense minute, here this expectation, just all occurs before our eyes.

it is natural, to Israelis, of course, here this expectation - strange enough situation. For example, today have blocked almost all roads to the country centre. As all the morning long transported by buses of the Palestinian prisoners. Not so already it is not enough of them actually. Inhabitants of Israel are not so happy. Right have managed today about prison where those Palestinian prisoners who should send on west cost are concentrated at night, arrange a protest action, about prison Sharon even it has been arrested six persons. But has prevented nothing to this transaction. Exactly at midnight on the Israeli time, only at 2 o`clock in the morning Moscow time, session of Superior court of justice on which claims of public organisations on a suspension or cancellation of this transaction have been rejected has ended.

- and in Tel - Nofe will be any translation, here it all of us we can see or not?

- Yes, translation will be, all Israeli TV channels conduct it. And I here only have looked - almost all European and Arabian channels broadcast a direct picture. From Tel - Nofa too will be a direct transmission. There there will be something similar to a press - conference. Probably, there mass-media will allow to photograph any picture of a meeting of parents of Gilada Shalita - the father, mum, the brother and the sister with the soldier.

the press have asked politely, but in enough rough form to the Israeli measures on the nearest two weeks, especially it is a question of TV channels and radio stations, in general to forget about this theme. Some TV channels even have been compelled to sign special papers that they undertake not to leave in the nearest some weeks on contact to a family of Gilada Shalita. However, it is not known, whether all have signed a similar thing.

psychologists say that it will have very heavy returning: five years in a captivity, five years completely torn off from a reality. That is the person comes back to absolutely other Israel.