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It is the big smile of the western democracy

Katya Zatuliveter`s Destiny will be solved by the former head of the British investigation. On Tuesday the legal investigation about deportation from Great Britain citizens of Russia whom the British press named " will begin; the second Anna Chapman . The theme was continued by the correspondent FM .
One year ago the history with the assistant of the deputy of the British parliament Ekaterina Zatuliveter, appear, was ready to outgrow in the next espionage scandal. More recently in the USA have exposed Russian espionage network . And too strange materials were ordered by a member of the House of Commons Mike Hancock, the former employee of KGB, nowadays the employee British MI6 Oleg Gordievsky confirms.

the Member of parliament who ordered obviously under its instructions materials from the Ministry of Defence and from other military departments which were absolutely not necessary to him, - marks it. - Also ran in embassy, dragged bags the major military materials - the pure spy .

However Katya Zatuliveter declared first by the Russian spy officially has been accused only of infringement of the British migratory legislation. Also it is released under a subscription about nevyezde. Almost year house arrest became punishment, apparently. Quite probably that today to Ekaterina declare deportation. Also are right there will be its lawyers and deputy Hancock which repeatedly repeated that its assistant any not the spy.

any suspicions was not in general, - Hancock has underlined. It is simple absurdity. In parliament there are leaks, but at me never was any occasion to consider Katya someone other, except the diligent employee. It is not better and is the not most worse than the others .

Zatuliveter named the second Anna Chapman . The general really is. At least in that, as that, and another are employed on the Russian TV channels. CHapman conducts the strange show on REN - TV, and Zatuliveter as the correspondent and an observer works from London on English-speaking TV channel RT. The management of TV channel of Katya quite enough, was declared by chapter RT Margarita Simonjan.

of Katya blame in court cooperation with us, - has noted Simonjan. - that usual, absolutely open journalistic work is blamed because it is mass-media and its editorial policy are not pleasant to those who attacks Katya Zatuliveter, it, of course, the big smile of the western democracy .

In a case with Zatuliveter the main intrigue consists in the following: whether there will be it narushitelnitsej the migratory legislation. Or her again will accuse of espionage?

on today`s session of court Stephen Lender, the former head of British investigation MI5 is caused as the expert. Lawyers of the Russian tried to protest its participation in session, but it was not possible to them. The word of Lendera, seemingly, will be solving. The destiny of Zatuliveter depends on it and from the commission which will take out a definitive verdict of deportation.

experts notice that in advantage espionage versions of this scandal are told by nonconventionally sharp reaction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to scandal round Zatuliveter. Here what statement almost right after its detention was made by department of the information and the press of the Russian foreign policy department: about the Russian spy most known for 30 years it would be possible to name History a storm in a teacup if it was not accompanied by revelry paranoicheskoj shpionomanii .