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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company “ the Landscape “ Gazizov Radik Faatovich (the mailing address: 450000, Republic Bashkortostan, Ufa, Glavpochtamt, and/ I 1264; bodies.: 8 (347) 2462062; e - a mail: gazizov2002@mail. ru) - informs on results of the auctions of property of Open Company “ the Landscape “ (OGRN 1050204696838, an INN 0278115614, a check point 022901001, the legal address: the Russian Federation, 453028, Republic Bashkortostan, Karmaskalinsky area, d. Kabakovo), spent 22. 09. 2011 in the form of the public offer. The auctions on to Prizes นน 1 , 2 are recognised by taken place.

the winner of the auctions: Limited liability company “ BashStrojSnab “ (an INN 0274139942). The winner of the auctions in the form of the public offer suggested price for the Prize น 1 at a rate of 2 450 301,33 rbl., the price for a prize น 2 at a rate of 399 917,00 rbl. Interest of the winner of the auctions in relation to Open Company “ Landscape “ to creditors, competitive operating Gazizovu R. F is absent. Competitive operating Gazizov R. F and NP “ First SRO AU “ do not participate in the capital of the winner of the auctions.