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Grouping “ Ansar al - Sunna “ declared execution of 15 Iraqis

In Iraq insurgents executed 15 employees of National guards of Iraq. The corresponding message has been placed on one of Islamic the Internet - sites, transfers Reuters.
Grouping “ Army Ansar al - Sunna “ the incurred responsibility for execution of Iraqis, has declared that captured “ have confessed in perfect crimes “. By this time it was not possible to establish reliability of the information on execution of Iraqis.
the Iraq guardsmen have been stolen on January, 14th of this year in 140 km to severo - to the east from Bagdad. Responsibility for abduction was incurred by the same “ Army Ansar al - Sunna “. Earlier this grouping repeatedly carried out abduction and execution of employees of the Iraq National guards.
Besides, the quantity of victims in Iraq today has been specified JUsufija at explosion of the mined car during Shiit wedding - 11 persons. 27 more person have got various wounds, transfers Reuters. Earlier it was informed on  destruction of 7 persons. The specified data has been given today by representatives of medical institutions Jusufii.
we Will remind that explosion in Jusufii has thundered the day before late at night. In total in Iraq for the past days were lost more than 30 persons.
violence increase in Iraq on the eve of elections was disregarded by sociologists of the USA. So, according to experts of sociological institute Harris Interactive, the majority of Americans are assured that elections in Iraq will not promote conditions improvement in this country. As sociologists mark, 25 % interrogated during the conducted research are assured that after elections in Iraq conditions in the country will worsen, and 34 % consider that voting in any way will not change a situation in Iraq, according to Edicom.
Thus, experts mark, from among the interrogated republicans of 66 % are optimistical concerning elections in Iraq. Among democrats the number of those who is assured of improvement of conditions after voting, makes only 16 %, and among independent voters - 28 % interrogated. Also about 28 % of Americans participating in research consider that after elections in Iraq the free and democratic government will start to operate, and 24 % are assured that Iraq becomes an example of democracy for all Near East.
we will remind, general election in Iraq is appointed to January, 30th of this year