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Coalition armies had again in loss in Iraq

Again loss coalition armies in Iraq had - there as a result of car explosion two military men of the USA were lost. As representatives of the American military command have informed, incident has occurred in the disctrict of the city of Haklanija, in a province of Al - Anbar.
Military men were lost as a result of explosion of the mined car. Explosion was carried out by the suicide bomber, have noted in command. Thus, total number of the lost American soldiers in this country from the intrusion beginning in March 2003. Has made 2 thousand 224 persons.
conditions and in the north of the country continue to remain restless. In the evening on January, 20th around the As - Hurmatu (70 km to the south of Kirkuk) have occurred an attack on a motorcade in which employees of Presidential Administration of Iraq of J followed. Talabani. As a result of blasting of the explosive put on road have got wounds five employees of presidential administration. Responsibility for this attack was some hours ago incurred by grouping Ansar the expert - Sunna .
Mojaheds used a military information from the high-ranking sources for an attack on a motorcade of selling Talabani. This time it has escaped, however it will not manage to make it next time - quotes Reuters the statement of grouping which has been placed on one of Islamic the Internet - sites.
collisions have occurred and near Ayr - Ramadi where the American and Iraq armies have beaten off an attack of the insurgents attacking military bases. The unknown armed people have attacked some bases on January, 20th nearby 15:45 Moscow time that has almost coincided on time with the announcement of definitive results of the elections spent on December, 15th of the past year. At an attack insurgents used small arms and mortars. On victims during this incident it is not informed.
Besides, the Iraq insurgents have grasped and threaten to kill the son of the former member of the administrative board of the Ministry of Defence of Iraq. About it it is told in the video statement of insurgents of grouping the Squadron to sweep extended by the Arabian TV channel Al - Arabiya. On videorecording the young man presented by the son of brigade general VS of Iraq Sabaha Abdul - Karima, urges Iraqis to stop cooperation with occupational forces. At the same time, according to TV channel, brigade general S. Abdul - brown, were the Assistant Secretary of defence of Iraq Saaduna al - Dulajmi, for the unknown reasons has resigned recently.
we will remind that on January, 20th the independent election committee of Iraq has published definitive results of parliamentary elections which have taken place in the country on December, 15th 2005. As the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of the countries Safvat Rashid has informed, the victory was gained by a coalition of Shiit parties the Incorporated Iraq alliance (OIA) which will receive 128 of 275 places in parliament. According to preliminary data, OIA should receive 146 deputy mandates. The second place, with 53 places in parliament, two Kurdish blocks - the Kurdish coalition and the Coalition of Islamic Kurdistan have occupied. Sunnitsky to Front of the Iraq consent 44 mandates have got.
deputies Shiit the Iraq national list which the former prime minister - the minister of Iraq heads Ijad Allavi, will occupy in National assembly of 25 places.