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Power accident in Georgia: gas and the electric power

As a result of explosions on the central main gas pipeline in the North Caucasus Georgia are disconnected remained without natural gas and the electric power. As have informed in a country Department of Fuel and Energy, the reserve gas pipeline is put out of action also. Besides, from - for failures deliveries of natural gas to Armenia are stopped.
gas giving in the Georgian regions and in okrainnye areas Tbilisi now is completely stopped. Gazoobespechenie the central disctricts of the city completely will stop approximately at 16:00 Moscow time. Three high-voltage transmission lines on which Georgia receives the electric power from Russia were in parallel disconnected. Armenia, from - for the terminations of deliveries of gas, also has stopped export of the electric power to Georgia to volume 260 MVt a day.
now deficiency of the electric power in Georgia makes 500 MVt as electric power development on the Tbilisi state district power station has stopped also. In Tbilisi the electric power in volume 450 MVt arrives only at the expense of internal sources of generation.
natural gas now provides only the vital objects of Tbilisi, in particular, hospitals and bakeries. The Georgian experts have already gone to Russia on a place of accident of gas pipelines. Experts have a suspicion that diversion took place.
we will remind, within days Georgia received from Russia of 2,3 million cubic metre of natural gas.
since today`s morning the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili carries on negotiations with the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev for deliveries of gas from Azerbaijan. If the arrangement is reached, the Azerbaijan gas will start to arrive in the country in the limited quantity since January, 26th of this year
Besides, Georgia today at 21:00 Moscow time will begin import of the electric power from Turkey in volume 100 MVt a day. However, as have informed in the Georgian Department of Fuel and Energy, deficiency of the electric power in the country thus will be only partially compensated.
all divisions of Georgia are translated on a barracks operating mode. It is expected that with the special statement the head of Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs Vano Merabishvili in the near future will act.
we Will notice that the last some days have literally fallen upon Georgia misfortunes. So, on January, 17th has occurred failures on LEP Imeretia therefore deficiency of a power supply system of Georgia has made 200 MVt, and without light remained east part of Georgia and okrainnye areas Tbilisi. To restore an electrical supply it was possible only next day.
and the day before in hundred kilometres from Tbilisi there was an earthquake by force in 4 points under the Richter scale. Fortunately, victims and injured with elements are not present.