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In the Saratov region 4 apartment houses remained without heat

Over 350 inhabitants of settlement the Red Textile worker in the Saratov region remained without a heat supply as a result of failure on a heating main.
as have informed in regional service of rescue, rupture of the pipe feeding systems of a heat supply of three apartment houses and a five-floor hostel, has occurred on the night of Sunday therefore the temperature in buildings began to fall sharply. On a scene there have arrived experts of regional service of rescue who have developed a mobile medical aid station and have organised hot meals.
as the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has told, from freezing houses 60 children who are at the moment placed with relatives and in poselkovom a kindergarten have been evacuated. For a non-admission of defrosting of systems of heating of houses near to pipes and distributive gates electroheaters are established. Tenants remaining in the apartments heat premises gas cookers.
Emergency brigades of housing and communal services conduct search of a place of rupture of a pipe already more than 10 hours. The boiler-house supplying settlement by heat, works in a former mode, have added in the Ministry of Emergency Measures.
major accidents have occurred during the last days and in other regions of Russia. So, on January, 19th in Ordzhonikidzevsky area of Ufa from - for break of a heating system without heating there were 23 apartment houses.
also serious power failure has occurred in the Penza region where from - for sharp falls of temperature of air - to a minus of 37 degrees on Celsius - power supply of 8 settlements has been broken. As a result of failure 4 transformer substations were disconnected.
it is necessary to notice that today, at last, it was possible to eliminate failure consequences in Tomilino situated near Moscow. At present all houses are connected to heat. It is informed that there are damages only at some entrances and in apartments where from - for frosts there was a rupture of batteries.
we Will remind, failure on a heating main in Tomilino has occurred past Wednesday. Without heating there were 43 apartment houses.