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Azerbaijan has begun delivery of the Russian gas to Georgia

Azerbaijan has started deliveries of natural gas to Georgia. As have informed in the Georgian ministry of fuel ienergetiki, gas has already reached Georgian - the Azerbaijan border.
the daily volume of deliveries will make 4 million cube of m. the Part gazaprednaznachena for maintenance of the population of Tbilisi, a part - for involvement 9 - go the block of the Tbilisi state district power station, the belonging Russian Open Society UES of Russia . It is expected that blokvozobnovit work on January, 23rd at 2 o`clock Moscow time.
As the representative of the Russian company " has informed journalists; Gazeksport (affiliated structure of Gazprom) DavidMorchiladze, Azerbaijan has had an opportunity to deliver gazv Georgia at the expense of increase in deliveries of Gazprom vazerbajdzhan.
At the same time in Gazprom are extremely surprised zajavleniemprezidenta Georgia Michael Saakashvili who has accused Russia vnamerennom provotsirovanii of a fuel and energy crisis in Georgia. About it vefire radio stations Echo Moscow has declared ofitsialnyjpredstavitel Open Society Gazprom Sergey Kuprijanov. On egoslovam, this statement is proved by nothing and to politize the given situation, is not present nikakihosnovany . S.Kuprijanov has especially underlined that explosions nadvuh different gas pipelines of Mozdok - Tbilisi and the North Caucasus - Transcaucasia have occurred simultaneously . Now we prinimaemvse necessary measures, that in as much as possible short srokivosstanovit gas supply on this direction - S.Kuprijanov has underlined.
we will remind, deliveries of the Russian gas to Georgia prekratilissegodnja early in the morning from - for diversions on tsentralnommagistralnom a gas pipeline: explosions on the main pipe, atakzhe an alternative gas pipeline have occurred in SevernojOsetii.