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The police of Madrid has applied bullets to youth dispersal

Police of Madrid has been compelled to apply rubber bullets against group of several tens the young men armed with sticks and stones which cried out antiemigrant slogans. They threw stones at policemen and have set fire some garbage tanks.
as informs (C) Associated Press, considerably adjusted youth has gathered in the Madrid area Alkoron in protest at fight, prizoshedshej the day before between radical Spaniards and natives of Latin America in which result 4 persons have suffered at least.
Spain more than other EU countries tests on itself pressure of immigrants from the countries of Africa, first of all from northern part of continent. So, for 9 months 2006. Territories of Spain have reached about 24 thousand illegal immigrants from Africa that in 5 times more, than for all 2005. Coast of Italy have reached more than 12 thousand Africans. The situation with illegal immigration especially worsens in September when in Mediterranean sea there is a calm weather.
the discontent with immigrants only grows recently in Europe, to what testify not only street collisions, but also coming to power of the right politicians, promising to toughen the migratory legislation.
we will notice that now in power in Spain are left, led by the prime minister - the minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero`s socialist which are traditionally tolerant to visitors from Africa and the South America.