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The American military men in Iraq have destroyed 93 insurgents Al - Kajedy

As a result of 10 - day operation of the American military men in Iraq 93 insurgents of the international terrorist organisation " are destroyed; Al - Kajeda 57 more have been arrested.
operation was spent to provinces of Dijala on severo - the east from Bagdad, near to village Turks, from January, 4th till January, 14th of this year, however the official statement has appeared only today, informs () Reuters referring to the statement of the American military men.
as a result of operation of 25 armouries and ammunition, including 1 thousand 200 rockets for " also have been grasped; katyushas . On losses among military men it is not informed.
last week the American military men informed that 50 insurgents have destroyed.
however even such successes are not capable to stop violence escalation in Iraq which is on the threshold of civil war. Daily there are messages on new acts of terrorism. So, today as a result of two explosions in the Iraq capital Bagdad were lost 88 and have got wounds at least 160 persons. Under messages of representatives of the law enforcement bodies, the first explosive hidden in a bag, has worked in one of shops around Women ash - Sharhi mainly occupied by Shiits. After some seconds after that the mined car parked near to shop has blown up.
the theme of Iraq, including safety issues in this country, becomes one of the main things in circulation US president George Bush to the American nation which will take place tomorrow. It is supposed that head of the White house once again will return to a substantiation of the strategy in Iraq. On the eve of the performance of J. Bush has expressed confidence that its plan stands to win.
meanwhile while in success of the presidential plan trust not all. Still in the end 2006. The special commission of the congress of the USA has presented the report in which it is said that a policy of Washington in Iraq does not work in this connection it is recommended to administration of the White house to finish a conclusion of the majority of American military men being in the country to the beginning 2008. And to search for a diplomatic solution of a problem at intermediary of Damascus and Teheran.
however J. Bush has rejected recommendations of the interparty commission of the congress about situation studying in Iraq. J. Bush has suggested to increase number of the American contingent in Iraq by 21,5 thousand military men. The increase in the American contingent in Iraq occurs against increasing fighting losses of Americans. A past week-end became the most bloody for the American armies in Iraq in the last two days: as a result of various incidents were lost not less than 19 military men.
Besides, on January, 20th has taken the third place in the list of the most bloody dates for the American soldiers in Iraq from the war beginning in 2003. As a result of a crash of helicopter on severo - the east from Bagdad 13 soldiers were lost. Causes of accident are unknown. 5 more military men were lost during operations in Kerbela: extremists have fired at a building in which took place discussion of measures on safety of the Shiit pilgrims who have arrived to a sacred city for them. One soldier was lost, having undermined on a mine in the north of Iraq, one more marine has died from the wounds received as a result of explosion of a mine in a province of Anbar in the west of the country.