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In Moscow the drunk driver has rammed two patrol cars

In Moscow the drunk driver who has not obeyed to requirements of militiamen is detained, has rammed two patrol cars and has brought down postovogo.
As the head of department of the information of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow the colonel of militia Victor Birjukov has given, incident has occurred in the evening on January, 21st in the east of Moscow. To militiamen the information on the car VAZ - 2109, moving with rough infringement of traffic regulations has arrived.
to stop the car driver has reacted to the requirement attempt to leave from prosecution. It has rammed the patrol car, has brought down the employee patrol - sentry duty and has given on gases.
new attempt to block to the infringer journey also has come to the end with failure. The driver of VAZ has rammed again the militian car and has tried to come off employees PPS.
As a result militiamen have made a precautionary shot in air, and then have started to shoot on car wheels on which the infringer moved. After that VAZ has stopped, and the driver has been detained.
the infringer had appeared 22 - the summer native of Ukraine. As it was found out, it was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication. The question on criminal case excitation is solved.
medical aid has been rendered the suffered militiaman on a place.