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The Ministry of Emergency Measures: Ignition in TRTS Europe in Ufa it is localised

the Fire in trading - the entertaining centre Europe in Ufa it is localised, have informed in the Privolzhsky regional centre of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia. Under the specified data, as a result of incident 2 persons were lost, 5 more have suffered. It was initially informed on one victim. All wounded men have been hospitalised in the Ufa medical institutions.
earlier it became known that ignition which has initially extended on the second and third floors, has gradually captured all building. According to preliminary data, explosion of gas bags which were in shopping centre became a cause of the fire.
in department have noticed that the version about act of terrorism is excluded. The fire area has reached 1,2 thousand sq. metres, to a fire has been appropriated 3 - I a complexity category. With it 20 fire-fighting crews continue to struggle. From building TRTS Europe The October located on the prospectus in the centre of Ufa, visitors and the personnel have been evacuated.
we will notice that today, on January, 22nd, in Ufa there was one more burnout. As informs a press - service of department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures on Republic Bashkortostan, in Leninsk a disctrict of the city on street Transshipment the apartment house has about midnight lighted up. During fire extinguishing in a room on berths bodies of four persons have been found out: 45 - the summer woman, a married couple and the three-year girl.
according to preliminary data, casual handling of fire of owners which were in a state of intoxication became the ignition reason.