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In Sudan insurgents have shot patrol of peacemakers of the United Nations

In Sudan insurgents in the south of Darfur have made an attack on joint peace-making patrol of the United Nations and mission of the African union. As a result of bombardment the peacemaker from Nigeria was lost, three more have got wounds.
as they say in an official statement of the representative of the secretary general of the United Nations, published on Saturday, on January, 21st, the head of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has condemned an attack and has urged the government of Sudan to make investigation immediately. The secretary general of the United Nations also has condoled with a family of the victim and the government of Nigeria.
in territory of Sudan within almost decade insurgent groupings operate some. One of their main requirements is the requirement to protect the African population from attacks of groups of the Arabian nomads Dzhandzhavid which abduct cattle, grasp the earth and water sources.
as a result of the conflict was lost to 300 thousand persons. The contingent of armies of the United Nations is in Sudan more than 4 years. In this time here were lost more than 30 peacemakers.