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In the Irkutsk region for a week two fire brigades

On the night of Sunday, on January, 22nd have burnt down, in the Irkutsk region has burnt down a building of the fireman of depot. On it have informed in GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on area.
incident has occurred in settlement the Big small river of Irkutsk area. The fire area in a wooden building on three cars made almost 300 sq. m. part Staff has had time to evacuate technics from depot, but it was not possible to rescue a building, fire has completely destroyed it.
the rescued technics is in alertness and is temporarily placed in garage of local road service.
it is necessary to notice that it already the second similar case in the Irkutsk region for a week. On Monday, on January, 16th, in settlement Balahninsky the building of the local fireman of depot has lighted up.
at the moment of ignition in depot there were 2 persons - the driver and the fireman, they have started suppression. Despite their actions and the appeared in time help an one-storeyed wooden building it was not possible to rescue.
Teznika whom had time to evacuate from burning depot is temporarily placed in a building of local heating systems and is in alertness.