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The wife of the Minister of Education of France has committed suicide

In a family of the Minister of Education of France Ljuka Shatelja there was a tragedy: in the morning on January, 22nd 2012. His wife Astrid Herrenshmidt has been found dead in the personal house to Boulogne - Bijankur. According to preliminary data, the woman was hung up, write today the French mass-media.
the minister has confirmed the fact of death of his wife. L.Shatel has addressed to journalists with the request to show respect for its private life and life of its children. Spouses were married with 1991., at pair was four children. Motives of a suicide while are unknown.
and in Moscow the day before there was other loud suicide. In the apartment in the house on street Kosygina the manager of large advertising agency Out There Media Russia Oleg Hripunov was shot.
the Body of the man with a gunshot wound was revealed its neighbours who have immediately caused police. At the moment upon a suicide check is spent dosledstvennaja.