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General directors Tervoliny the court on charge in swindle

Employees of Investigatory committee on Moscow Region waits have finished investigation of criminal case concerning the general director of a group of companies Tervolina Vadim Stepanova and the employee of firm Andrey Jakovleva. To men incriminated swindle in especially large size and property washing up, have informed in a press - service of Investigatory committee.
under the version of the investigation, during the period since July 2003 till September 2004. V.Stepanov, being the actual head of a group of companies Tervolina using the office position, has created the organised group which purpose was receptions by a deceit and breach of confidence of the right to the ground area of wood fund the area of 26,2 hectares in 92 quarter of the Zvenigorodsky forest area.
Malefactors have got through under control persons the ground areas the area of 22,88 hectares, besides that the real estate was the federal property. As a result of actions of swindlers the damage at a rate of more 1 mlrd rbl. the got ground areas has been caused Subsequently to the budget of Russia have been legalised by means of fictitious transactions thanks to what it was possible will wash property for a total sum in 749 million rbl. In the near future criminal case materials are directed to court.
the specified criminal case became the second under the account, raised in the relation of the businessman. The first business has been raised in 2007. The man have arrested, but soon have released on bail in 10 million rbl. and the guarantee of film director Nikita Mikhalkov, viola player Yury Bashmet and the president of faculty of journalism of Moscow State University Jasena Zasursky. On versions of the investigation, a damage from the first swindle has made 18 million rbl., and the stolen site was estimated in 3 mlrd rbl.
In January 2012. The lawyer of the owner of businessman Alexander Alitovsky has declared in interview that V.Stepanov did not make any illegal actions. proofs which would testify to the return, at a consequence are not present - she has declared then. Under the protection version, SKR has interfered with the conflict of two managing subjects.
firm Tervolina has appeared in the Russian market 20 years ago. The first shop of the company under signboard Tervolina has opened in 2000. Originally it delivered footwear from Czechia, Italy and Hungary. Soon the company was engaged in own manufacture of footwear and has opened the enterprise in Tolyatti.