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In New Orleans unknown persons have shot teenagers: 5 wounded men

In New Orleans (the State of Louisiana, the USA) unknown persons have opened shooting on group of teenagers on one of city crossroads. As a result of incident of 5 persons have got wounds, informs Associated Press.
the group of six young men at the age of 17 - was 18 years near shop when on them fire from passing by the car has been opened. Motives of a crime while are unknown.
it already the fourth similar incident which has occurred in the United States within month. In the middle of December 2012. 20 - summer Adam Lenza has arranged shooting at elementary school in the city of Njutaun (State of Connecticut). Its victims of a steel of 26 teachers and pupils (the majority of victims - children), and also its own mother. After A.Lenza`s commission of crime has committed suicide.
in Sent - Luis (State of Missouri) incident has occurred to shooting on January, 16th 2013. In College of business and Stevens`s arts. The malefactor has wounded one of employees of establishment then has tried to commit suicide. The criminal has been hospitalised in a critical condition.
this very day, after literally some hours, shooting has been opened in territory of college Community and Technical the cities of Hezard (State of Kentucky). Malefactors have shot two persons on an educational institution parking. As a result of incident two persons were lost, one more has got wounds. Two shooting voluntary have surrendered polices.
we will notice that incidents with shooting have become frequent in the USA against scandalous discussion about restriction of carrying of fire-arms by citizens. The president of the United States Barack Obama has published on January, 16th a package of the bills directed on strengthening of control over a turn of such weapon. Head of the White house has addressed to the Congress with the request to forbid distribution of the assault weapon. He also has urged legislators to liquidate all possible openings for avoidance of preliminary check at weapon purchase.