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The general - “ the producer “ from the Ministry of Internal Affairs have condemned for a bribe in $500 thousand

Presnensky court of Moscow has sentenced the former head of department of the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, eks - general directors of TV channel 7าย, directors of department of a state policy in sphere of agrarian and industrial complex and the information of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the general - the major in Oleg Aksenova`s resignation by 2 years of a standard regime penal colony on the case of 500 thousand dollars extortion On it have informed in a press - court service.
Besides, the former militiaman have obliged to pay the penalty at a rate of 250 thousand rbl. of Podelnik the general - the major in resignation Alexey Trushin also has been sentenced to 2 years of a standard regime penal colony.
in August 2012ใ. The Presnensky court of Moscow has sentenced O.Aksenova to 4 years of imprisonment conditionally, however the Office of Public Prosecutor has considered a verdict too soft and has appealed against against it.
we will remind, scandal around the general - the major has burst in the middle of January 2012ใ., when it became known that concerning the Island Aksenova and it podelnika - the co-owner of news agency “ RusInformServis “ Alexey Trushina - criminal case on ch is brought. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (swindle in especially large size). The former militiaman suspected of 500 thousand dollars reception
With the statement on the former militiaman the founder of Open Company " has addressed; Trodat M “ and Open Company “ Trodat XXI “ Michael Shelesnov. In November 2009ใ. The federal customs service has filed criminal charges upon illicit delivery from Austria large party of the seals and stamps. Under the version of the investigation, illicit production intended to firm “ Trodat ีีI “.
Inspectors have detained M.Shelesnova, however suddenly to the businessman became badly: it had a hypertensive crisis, the man has urgently been hospitalised. In hospital of the businessman its old familiar O.Aksenov who has assured the businessman that for 500 thousand dollars has visited It will help to disorganise criminal case, using the old communications in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In November 2009ใ. “ the producer “ has received half of specified sum, in February 2010ใ. - 100 thousand dollars more, and in October 2010ใ. M.Shelesnov has transferred the remained sum. However the former high-ranking militiaman has not helped the businessman therefore M.Shelesnov has spent to a pre-trial detention centre more half a year and left on freedom recently, having released on the security in 50 million rbl.
Right after arrest O.Aksenov refused to give evidences on business, however already on the second interrogation has changed a line of conduct, completely recognised fault and has decided to co-operate with the investigation. The man has told that it has really received the specified sum from the businessman and has spent it for family needs.
O.Aksenov has ended faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University, with 1989ใ. Worked as the correspondent of magazine “ the Soviet militia “ the editor of department of the newspaper of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “ the Board and a sword “. With 1991ใ. Was the correspondent of the publicistic program “ Top secret “ on RTR TV channel, in 1996ใ. Has held a post of the chief of incorporated edition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
in January 1997ใ. O.Aksenov has acted as the co-author of idea and the head is information - the publicistic program “ the Call centre “ and in 1999ใ. Has held a post of the head of department of the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. With 2001 on 2004ใ. Held a post of the general director of sports TV channel 7าย. In October 2002ใ. O.Aksenov conducted the air from the Theatrical centre on Dubrovke grasped by terrorists.