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Orthodox and active workers LGBT - communities have fought at a Duma building

Orthodox active workers and representatives LGBT - communities have fought at the State Duma building on January, 22nd. Today representatives sex - minority suited in Moscow the action against the law on the gay - propagation, transfers RSN.
Active workers in a pointed manner kissed at a building of the Russian parliament, than have revolted orthodox active workers who have thrown homosexuals and lesbians eggs and packings from - under ketchup.
the conflict accompanied rukoprikladstvom, proceeded about half an hour. From party LGBT - movements have taken part in fight nearby 30 persons. The orthodox which have attacked active workers have been detained by policemen, now they make explanations.
similar actions of representatives sex - minority have taken place and in other Russian cities. Supporters the gay - movements intended to carry out actions For traditional values: Love, family and respect of human advantage in Arkhangelsk, Samara and Tomsk, their plans could come true.
today the State Duma should consider the bill about to propagation of homosexuality among minors as which initiator the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk region has acted. The document assumes entering of amendments to KoAP. For propagation of homosexuality among teenagers zakonotvortsy want to punish penalties.