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The above the budget, the is more difficult to pick up to the client suitable object

Fastidiousness of buyers of real estate of a class the premium at times amazes realtors.
the integral condition - presence in territory of the house of pool, a gym and further under the list. More in detail Andrey Voskresensky tells about inquiries of buyers of country residences.
Amusing paradox for the realtor: the above the budget on country house purchase, the is more difficult to pick up to the client suitable object. For buyers of real estate business - a class important conformity of quality to the declared price. For the house-keeper - a class the main thing - to keep within the budget. And here in a premium - a class the future owners have much more grandiose problems. Experts of company Peniel Realty have made a rating of the most widespread inquiries at purchase of expensive country house.

on the first place there was, strangely enough, a presence of the big pool, with a path not less than 25 m. This indispensable condition for 80 % of buyers. It would Seem, fitness - clubs is in step-by-step availability, and all the same it would be desirable to float in own pool. And still, that there was a massage office and a gym. On the second place - separate garage on some cars. It is reasonable. The built in garage causes inconvenience if it use not only members of a family, but also protection and a servants. By the way, separate premises for attendants - an indispensable condition at 60 % of buyers of elite country habitation. Well, and the aesthetics too is important for buyers high - a class. Half from them demands, that in the house there was a second light, that is incorporated space of the first and second floors. Really beautifully, there is nothing to object. And 10 % of the choosiest buyers as an indispensable condition demand an independent electrical supply. Well, they do not trust in electrification of all country. However, probably, and correctly do.