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Leader from Casio and the companion of the tourist from Suunto

Casio has dared to subdue new top and to present a leader - the smart phone on the basis of Android. The novelty will manage the strong and tight case that will approach active users. If activity pours out in love to travel Alexander Levi advises also to look narrowly by multipurpose o`clock from Suunto.
Japanese the watch-maker Casio has dared and prepares for sale the version of the smart phone. As a platform for the leader the Japanese company has chosen Android. While the information has not enough, but judging by the images accessible in a network, the model will correspond with a popular series of hours G - Shock. Also thanks to the photos extracted investigation it is possible to make out on the back party the chamber with flash.

Besides, there is data that the smart phone from Casio will receive the strong and tight case from a combination of metal and plastic which will allow a device to fall without sad consequences from height to three metres and to plunge under water on depth to ten metres.

about terms of the beginning of sales and especially about cost of the smart phone from Casio, information are not present.

In a case with company Suunto novelty - model AMBIT GPS - a situation hardly more certain. To get hours it will be already possible in March. The device is positioned as the obligatory companion of the tourist and the fan of long expeditions. Thanks to name AMBIT GPS it is already clear that model have supplied with the satellite communication module. Besides, to the owner of these hours will are accessible vysotomer, 3D - a compass, a measuring instrument of pulse and function of scoring of current time. Special pride of a gadget is service life of the battery which in mode GPS - navigation reaches 50 hours and water resistance - to 100 metres.

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