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Nitrogen plans to increase volume of output minudobreny in 2012 by 100 thousand tons

Branch Nitrogen Open Society OHK URALHIM in the city of Berezniki in 2012 plans to increase volume of output of mineral fertilizers, at least, on 100 thousand tons, informs a press - company service. Such problem was put by the director of the enterprise Dmitry Ivanov. He has specified that following the results of 2011 consumers have received more than 2 million tons of a commodity output. Besides, for use in manufacture of mineral fertilizers the enterprise has developed more than 1 million tons of ammonia. per 2012 the enterprise will continue technical reequipment. For realisation of investment projects it is planned to spend nearby 1,7 mlrd rbl. It not only modernisation of an industrial infrastructure, but also improvement socially - work conditions of life. For example, repair of household premises in all shops, replacement of windows and other projects - has specified g - n Ivanov.

the Share Nitrogen in manufacture of nitric fertilizers in the Russian Federation makes 7,5 %. In the end of 2010 of Open Society Nitrogen has stopped the activity in connection with joining to Open Society OHK Uralhim . All property of an industrial complex is transferred branch Nitrogen Open Society OHK Uralhim . As a part of the basic industrial actives OHK Uralhim - branch Nitrogen Open Society Factory of mineral fertilizers KCHHK (Kirovo - Chepetsk, the Kirov region), Open Society Voskresensky mineral fertilizers (Moscow Region).