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AS ADVERTISING// “ the Megaphone “ informs on considerable growth of consumption of services of roaming by subscribers of the company

“ the Megaphone “ as a result of unprecedented decrease in base tariffs for services of the international roaming following the results of a winter holiday season marks considerable growth of consumption and increase in number of users.
“ a megaphone “ has brought preliminary results of use by subscribers of the company of services of the international roaming on the basis of uniform “ the Eurotariff “ in a winter holiday season. Transfer of all subscribers in December, 2011 on new base tariffs for services of the international roaming in the states of Europe, including the European part of the CIS and Turkey, promoted essential increase in volume of services consumed in roaming.

Growth of entering calls for the accounting period, in comparison with the similar period of last year, has made 300 %, growth of proceeding calls - 200 %, SMS - 140 %, use of the mobile Internet has increased more than in 3 times and has made - 330 %.

In January, 2012 services of the international roaming have used an order of 750 thousand subscribers of the company that on 53 % more than the similar period of last year.

also in January, 2012 on the average on 15 % (in relation to the similar period of last year) the volume of connections business - clients to " has grown; to the Megaphone “.

“ the Eurotariff “ is a base tariffing on services of the international roaming in 44 states of Europe, including the European part of the CIS and Turkey, it is not required to be connected in addition , i.e. it starts to operate automatically at registration of the subscriber in networks of foreign operators.

Introduction “ the Eurotariff “ has provided reduction of prices on the international roaming in 3 - 9 times:

• Entering - 6 rbl. (there were 56 rbl. - in 9,3 times )

• SMS - 6 rbl. (there were 19 rbl. - in 3 times )

• the Call to Russia and on the country of stay - 16 rbl. (there were 86 rbl. - in 5,4 times )

• the Mobile Internet - 5 rbl. for 100 kb (there were 44 rbl. - in 8,8 times )

“ Considerable growth of consumption roumingovyh services by our subscribers has shown that introduction “ the Eurotariff “ became a right step “ the Megaphone “ towards to consumers. It is result of serious negotiating process, which “ the Megaphone “ spent with European roumingovymi partners for the last few years. Result of arrangements became uniform and it is unprecedented low level of base tariffs which we have established for all without an exception of clients of the company, - the assistant to the general director on development of federal corporate sales and camera business of Open Society " marks; the Megaphone “ Konstantin Soloduhin.

“ According to last sociological researches, in the international roaming 3 % of subscribers use special tariff options only. Basic difference of the new base tariff “ the Megaphone “ that it by default extends on all user`s base, including corporate clients and it it is not necessary to connect specially. Today instead of connecting options or to buy tourist SIM - cards, it is more convenient and more reliable to our clients to count on the guaranteed quality of services and service of the operator. Using uniform base “ the Eurotariff “ from “ the Megaphone “ Russians, coming to Europe, inhabitants of the European Union use mobile communication and habitual number under the same accessible tariffs, as. We have taken an important step - the European roaming has passed from the category of elite services in a mass segment, and we are very glad that our clients have estimated it. Today accessible, clear and convenient roaming - conclusive competitive advantage “ the Megaphone “ - the assistant to the general director on Open Society commerce " marks; the Megaphone “ Larissa Tkachuk.

the most popular countries of Europe among the Russian tourists from among subscribers “ the Megaphone “ (on volume roumingovyh services for New Year`s holidays and vacation 2012):

1. Finland

2. Ukraine

3. Italy

4. Germany

5. France

the Inquiry:

Open Society “ the Megaphone “ - The universal communications service provider working in all segments of the telecommunication market. “ a megaphone “ the first and unique mobile operator who has developed own network in all territory of the Russian Federation, and also the first in the country, started in commercial operation a network 3G. As a result of the competent marketing policy “ the Megaphone “ is in the lead in sphere of services of the mobile Internet, has taken the second place in Russia by quantity of active subscribers, and also on a gain.

“ a megaphone “ actively supports sports, being the General partner of XXII Olympic winter games of 2014 and ŐI Paralimpijsky winter games of 2014 in a city of Sochi, and also the General partner, the official mobile operator of XXVII World summer University game of 2013 in the city of Kazan.