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To organizers of the action of opposition accusation

on February, 4th is brought to Applicants of the action on February, 4th accusation as regards 1 article 20 is brought. 2 KoAP (infringement of an order meeting carrying out) that procession across Yakimanka towards the Marsh area in Moscow has begun before appointed time, the court will take place on Monday, has told on February, 10th RIA News a member of organising committee, the co-ordinator the Left front Sergey Udaltsov. We have approached in OVD Yakimanka Anastas, Sergey Davidis`s my wife, other applicants, probably, will approach later. The report under article 20 is made. 2 KoAP p.1 on each of applicants. According to police officers, people have gone towards Marsh in 12. 30 instead of 13. 00 - mister Udaltsov has told. As he said, the court on this business is stood on Monday in a site 396. If organizers of the action are recognised by guilty, they should pay the penalty at a rate of 2 thousand rubelej. We do not agree with claims which show to us. According to police officers, people have moved on sidewalks. But it could not be prevented, as sidewalks have not been fenced. And it not our fault. In it there is a political underlying reason - the co-ordinator " considers; the Left front .