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the Organizer of the auctions - competitive operating IP Lozhkin Vladimir Igorevich (an INN 181200389527, OGRNIP 3041809100000024, the Udmurt Republic, Kezsky r - n, the item of Kez, street Cooperative, d. 76ΐ) Bogdanov L. M (an INN 180500020432, the mailing address: the Udmurt Republic, Glazov, 8 - e OPS, and/ I 425, member NP “ First SRO AU “ (109029, Moscow, street Skotoprogonnaja, d. 29/ 1, of. 600), operating on the basis of Definition of Arbitration court of the Udmurt Republic from 14. 12. 2010 on business Ή ΐ71 - 6502/ 2010 Γ9 from 11. 11. 2010, informs on carrying out of the open auctions with the closed form of granting of the offer at the price of property.

on the auctions it is exposed: the Prize Ή1 - the Bus the GROOVE - 32054, 2007 of release, Ή the engine 71022038, PTS 52 MO 817190 - the initial price of sale of 389 700 roubles, in t. ch. The VAT of 18 %.

the Size of the deposit - 10 % from the initial price. The deposit is listed on the basis of the prisoner with the organizer of the auctions of the contract on the deposit. The auctions are spent “ 12 “ March, 2012 in the electronic form on electronic platform B2B - Center http:// www. b2b - centre. ru (further - ETP) in 10 ch. 00 minutes (time Moscow). Application forms for participation in the auctions move with “ 30 “ January, 2012 on “ 06 “ March, 2012 daily with 9. 00 to 17. 00 Moscow time, except for days off and holidays, through ETP, according to the order established by regulations of a platform, order MERTa Ή54 from 19. 02. 2010, FZ - 127 from 22. 10. 2002

In the auctions can take part legal and the physical persons who submitted the demands and have listed the deposit to “ 06 “ March, 2012 on r/ with Ή 40802810109000001721 in AKB “ Izhkombank “ (Open Society) Izhevsk, to/ with 30101810900000000871, BIK 049401871, addressee IP Lozhkin Vladimir Igorevich, an INN 181200389527, OGRNIP 304180910000024.

the Application form for participation the auctions is made out any way in the form of the electronic document in Russian and should contain: the name, organizational - the legal form, the location, the mailing address (for jur. Persons) the applicant; FIO, passport data, data on a residence (for fiz. Persons) the applicant; number of contact phone, ύλ address. Mails of the applicant. The application form for participation in the auctions should contain also data on presence or on absence of interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the competitive managing director and about character of this interest, data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the competitive managing director, and also data on the applicant, the self-adjustable organisation of arbitration managing directors, a member or which head is the competitive managing director. Copies of following documents are applied on the application form for participation in the auctions: an extract from EGRJUL (for jur. Persons); an extract from EGRIP (for IP); the documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons), properly certified translation into Russian of documents on the state registration jur. The person or the state registration fiz. Persons as IP according to the legislation of the corresponding state (for the foreign person); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant; the payment document on deposit payment. The winner the person who has offered the greatest price admits. With the winner during 5 - ti days after the announcement of results of the auctions the contract of purchase and sale of property consists. Full payment is made within thirty days from the date of the contract conclusion. To the winner of the auctions the brought deposit is set off on account of the property price. The information on an order of giving of demands is given to the address: Ur, Glazov, street Siberian, d. 23, ph. 8 (34141) 2 - 49 - 66, 7 - 34 - 47, 89226861392, the mailing address: Ur, Glazov, 8 - e post office and/ I 425.