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B.Gryzlov: toughening of a migratory mode

the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Boris Gryzlov Is necessary has supported toughening of a migratory mode and suppression of illegal immigration in the Russian Federation. He has told about it today in conversation with journalists during visit to Krasnodar territory.
according to the minister, the migratory policy in the country should be carried out in interests of its citizens. those foreigners who arrive to Russia for realisation of labour activity, should be without fail registered according to laws in force - B.Gryzlov has told, thus having underlined that only in this case the militia can provide their protection.
according to B.Gryzlov, concerning the foreigners illegally living in territory of Russia, it is necessary to apply all measures provided by the legislation, up to deportation.
deportation of foreigners for a long time already practises Moscow, for example. Only for last five months of this year from Moscow 500 persons under escort are turned out 4 thousand 179 illegal migrants, including nearby. As it is known, illegal migration repeatedly increases danger of occurrence adverse sanitary - epidemiological conditions in a city as foreigners, arrive from the countries where such diseases as a plague, a cholera, a malaria and a tuberculosis are registered.
Besides, illegal migration does difficult criminal conditions. According to the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, for January - May of this year in capital by foreign citizens it is made about 6,5 thousand crimes, and concerning them - more than 1,5 thousand crimes.