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In Iraq two citizens of Pakistan

In Iraq are stolen two citizens of Pakistan were gone. In Pakistan the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assume that they have been stolen. we have learnt through our mission in Bagdad that two pakistantsev, working on company Al - Tamimi, were gone - the representative of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan has declared Masud the Khan.
as he said, pakistantsy, one of them - the engineer, another - the driver, were gone at about noon on July, 23rd of this year when came back to Bagdad. Representatives of industrial group Al - Tamimi have informed the Pakistan diplomats in Bagdad on their disappearance on July, 24th of this year, transfers AFP. Other details of incident are not known yet.
we will remind also that on Saturday Pakistan has declared the readiness to direct an army to Iraq. However it will occur only in the event that the Iraq government will address to Islamabad with the corresponding request and also if the military men will send to Iraq and other Muslim countries. On it the secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan was informed by the president of the country Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan minister of the information sheikh Rashid Ahmed has declared.
we will remind also that the group of insurgents naming Black standard-bearers on July, 21st of this year has declared abduction of three Kenyans, three Indians and the Egyptian. Insurgents threaten to kill hostages if their countries do not disengage the armies from Iraq, and the companies in which they work, will not stop the activity in the Iraq territory. Besides, insurgents demand from a management of the USA to pay indemnifications to families of the Iraqis who were lost during military operations, and also to unbind all Iraq prisoners.
Besides, on Saturday in Iraq insurgents the high-ranking official - the head of state building company Al - Mansour Contracting by Adnan Abdel - Raham is stolen. Abduction has occurred on jugo - the east of Bagdad. Unknown persons have surrounded the car of the official and have compelled it to leave the car then have taken away in an unknown direction.