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In Thailand new flash of a bird flu

the Authorities of Thailand have officially declared new flash of a bird flu in the country. The centres are registered in 18 - ti Thai provinces.
as NTV broadcasting company has informed, in Thailand has appeared shtamm ASHCH - 51 - the most dangerous version of a virus of a bird flu which is transferred from birds to people. In one of country provinces two children with suspicion on a bird flu are already hospitalised. If the diagnosis proves to be true, in province territory strict quarantine will be entered.
now the authorities are engaged in destruction of the hens who were ill with a flu.
the bird flu virus is dangerous to the person, but to catch it it is possible only from birds. However doctors are afraid of mutations of the activator of this illness which will allow to be transferred from the person to the person. The first epidemic of a bird flu took place in 1997 in Hong Kong when has died about 30 % of patients.
As a rule, the effectual measures of struggle against a bird flu - the prompt destruction of all livestock of the birds, the second for the importance - an interdiction of import of the bird`s meat from ill the countries.