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The typhoon has fallen upon Taiwan Kaemi

the typhoon has fallen Upon Taiwan Kaemi ( an ant in transfer with Korean). As transfers () Associated Press, the area Tajdun on jugo - the island east has appeared the first on a cyclone way.
the typhoon has brought with itself downpours and a squally wind, from - for what movement of trains in the south and the east of Taiwan has been temporarily suspended, the airports do not work. In the majority of areas employment in educational institutions are cancelled, offices are closed. From - for a wire breakage more than 20 thousand persons remained without an electricity.
now a typhoon Kaemi moves through Taiwan strait towards continental China with a speed of 17 km/ ch. The wind a little oslab, its speed in epicentre makes 126 km/ ch. Under forecasts, the typhoon will reach jugo - east coast Peoples Republic of China on July, 26th of this year 3 thousand are already mobilised For struggle against elements in a province Fujian Military men the mechanism of reaction to emergencies also is involved.
for the authorities of China Kaemi becomes already the second test such for last two weeks. We will remind, some days ago in the country the storm " stormed; Bilis which number of victims has exceeded 160 persons. Approximately as much are registered on missing persons. Then most of all the province has suffered from a storm Hunan where 78 persons became victims of elements at least. At the same time in a coastal province Fujian 43 persons, in the next province Guangdong - 33 persons were lost. Earlier in connection with hurricane approach to southern coast of China of the country power evacuated 256 thousand persons.
more than 660 thousand persons have suffered as a result of a storm in a province Fujian on jugo - the east of China. By estimations of the authorities, the direct economic damage has exceeded 56 million dollars From a typhoon have suffered more than 28 thousand hectares of farmland.
before Bilis Has fallen upon Taiwan. On Philippines where the elements main blow, victims of a steel of 12 persons has had. Numerous landslips and flooding became a cause of death of people. Speed of flaws in typhoon epicentre reached 150 km/ ch.