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The fighter with corruption is condemned for bribe reception

In the Nizhniy Novgorod region for bribe reception the senior operupolnomochennyj on especially important issues, the colonel of militia Mark Pereverzev is condemned. It also was the assistant to the governor who was supervising questions of fight against corruption and carrying out control over observance of legality of delivery of licences for employment by separate kinds of activity.
as informs management on interaction from mass-media of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, together with M.Pereverzev its accomplices are condemned: the chief of department on struggle against illegal circulation of strategic raw materials and natural resources at the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Alexey Sharov, the chief specialist of administration of the governor Sergey Gurin, businessman Pavel Staroverov.
it has been during the investigation established that in 2005. M.Pereverzev and S.Gurin at P.Staroverova`s intermediary and And. SHarova have received from the Nizhniy Novgorod businessman a bribe for the help in reception of the licence for preparation, processing and realisation of a breakage of nonferrous metals. At first the assistant to the governor has demanded for the services the car of mark of Toyota of Lexus RX - 300 cost of 36 thousand dollars But further it has lowered the size of compensation demanded by it to 10 thousand dollars under condition of transfer to it of money before coordination signing.
in the sum of 400 thousand rbl. the businessman has transferred a part of demanded money in February 2005. To the intermediary P.Satroverovu who has been caught red-handed by employees of Management of Federal Agency of safety (UFSB) the Russian Federation across the Nizhniy Novgorod region.
the court has sentenced M.Pereverzev to 7,5 years of imprisonment, S.Gurin - by 7 years of prison. A.Sharov and P.Staroverov 4 years are condemned for complicity in bribe reception for 7 years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period.
last months in different regions of Russia indicative exposures of officials - bribe takers of a different rank have taken place at once some. One of last similar cases has occurred in Moscow in the beginning of July. Then at bribe reception the chief specialist and the chief of one of departments Gosstrojnadzora across Moscow have been detained.
officials have been caught directly in an office office at reception of 10 thousand dollars from the representative of one of the commercial organisations for conclusion delivery about readiness of object for commissioning. On the given fact the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Western administrative district of Moscow has filed criminal charges on ch. 4 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (bribe reception).