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In the North Ossetia large act of terrorism

In the North Ossetia is prevented large act of terrorism is prevented. The deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Novikov has informed on it today to journalists. As he said, past Friday, on July, 21st, late at night on Chermensky highway employees of traffic police had been stopped a cargo motor vehicle the Gazelle which operated 31 - the summer inhabitant of settlement Kartsa. In the car also there were two its fellows villager.
at examination of the car by police officers the improvised explosive device, on capacity equivalent 10 kg of trotyl with a remote detonator was revealed.
it has been established that the detained young men planned to make act of terrorism in territory of the North Ossetia. As A.Novikov has noted, their participation in earlier perfect acts of terrorism in republic now is fulfilled.
Besides, the source in the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs has informed that yesterday`s detention of the Ingush militiaman which has thus rendered armed resistance, was made within the limits of given case investigation.
we will remind that in the North Ossetia in village Kartsa the militiaman of an operative regiment at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia of A.Hamhoev during a search in its house has rendered armed resistance to the police officers conducting a search, having opened shooting from a pistol of Makarova. The police officer As a result was lost, two - the militiaman and employee UFSB across the North Ossetia are wounded.
Trying to avoid detention, the master of the house has taken cover in a bathroom and has blown up a grenade. From the received wounds he has died. As a result of explosion two from its ten relatives who during this moment were in the house also have been wounded.
now across all North Caucasus proceed operatively - search actions for capture of taking cover insurgents. Even in spite of the fact that amnesty for participants of illegal bands continues to operate and some tens persons have already surrendered to the authorities, still there is a set of Wahhabites which and further intend to continue terrorist activity on caucasus.
Besides, law enforcement bodies regularly find hiding places with the weapon and ammunition. So, several weeks ago in Ingushetia, around settlement Nesterovsky Sunzhensky area, during carrying out razvedyvatelno - search actions 4 well equipped and strengthened wood bases of members of the illegal armed formations, calculated on residing to 20 persons during the long period have been found out.