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In port of Vancouver has broken through the oil pipeline

In port of the Canadian Vancouver on Tuesday the oil pipeline pipe therefore inhabitants of hundred houses have been evacuated has burst, transfers Associated Press. It is not known yet to that the total amount of the spilt oil is equal, however, under the certificate of one of eyewitnesses, oil flew from the damaged oil pipeline throughout a half an hour. The fountain of the oil which has escaped from a place of break, reached heights about 12 metres.
also, according to eyewitnesses, oil had appeared nearby highways, and foliage of the trees which are for 200 metres from a place of rupture of the oil pipeline are filled in, has become covered by a thick layer of black oil.
under the company certificate, break has resulted from carrying out of building by workers, its not being employees. Apparently, the oil pipeline has touched one of dredges. According to preliminary data, nobody has suffered, however there is a risk of that oil will get to water.
Oil pipeline TransMountain belonging to company Kinder Morgan Canada, was used for oil transportation in port and its subsequent loading in tankers.