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In Europe for a week from strong heat 500 persons (Photo report)

Quantity of the people who were lost for the past week as a result of strong heat in Europe were lost from above, has exceeded 500. From them the greatest number - almost 500 - is necessary to Hungary. Still nearby 30 persons were lost in Romania. Besides, on lethal outcomes inform the authorities of Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece. In Macedonia air temperature has reached record 45 degrees, reports Deutsche Welle.
Strong heat also became the reason of the numerous forest fires which have overflowed southern Europe. On fires inform the authorities of Greece, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Italy. In Italy for this reason of the power have been compelled to evacuate more than 4 thousand persons. However it was not possible to avoid victims: two persons were lost. In Greece the flame has formed a fiery ring round Athenes, having destroyed tens hectares of green plantings and closely having come nearer to apartment houses. For the help in struggle against elements helicopter Mi - 26 Ministries of Emergency Measures of Russia there is directed.
in the meantime other misfortune has fallen upon Great Britain: here some days the torrential rains which are creating a panic on local residents there pour. In considerable territory of the country railway communication is interrupted, power stations are put out of action, about 350 thousand persons remained without potable water and at least two were lost.
areas, most all suffered from flooding, a steel Gloucestershire and Uorchester where coast left the rivers Avons and Severn. They completely cut off the city of Tjukesberi, which water-purifying constructions from an external world, besides, have appeared completely flooded that became the reason of switching-off about 150 thousand houses from water supply system. Besides, in Gloucestershire more than 50 thousand houses are deprived an electrical supply from - for threats of flooding of the main substation.
Also from - for water level increases in Thames under the threat of flooding there was a capital of the United Kingdom the city of London. Thereupon to citizens queen Elizabeth II who admitted that " has addressed; it is simply shocked an event.
according to rescuers, on restoration sitautsii after elements revelry one month is required not. Meanwhile weather forecasters predict that downpours in Britain will not stop at least over the weekend.